Passionate about the joy of movement, I create dance-related videos to inspire others via my YouTube channel Kisarhi.
I express my creativity through video production, focusing on producing high-quality content that is both engaging and insightful.


videos to inform and inspire dancers.

Kisarhi focuses on delivering educational videos to assist dancers in their training. Focusing two major components of a dancer's training, Kisarhi aims to provide practical tips and advice on pointe shoes and stretching (areas of ballet that have a lot of misinformation and poor guidance).

Kisarhi holds a secondary purpose to showcase short dance films and other creative pieces. These artistic videos demonstrate my skills as choreographer, performer and director.


I love to see others succeed.
Nothing brings me more joy than seeing others thrive. For a number of years now, I've pondered how I can do the things that I love while adding value to the lives of others. That's what Kisarhi is. I've trained and studied my whole life for this without even knowing it. I can use my gifts and talents to help others become the best versions of themselves. Dancing changed the course of my life; it empowers me mentally as much as it does physically. And with that, I hope my videos can help do the same for you.

I love to move.
I feel alive when I'm moving my body. I've grown up dancing and I really don't know any different. I don't feel like me when I'm not moving my body.

I love to create.
I have quite the colourful imagination. Choreography has always been one of my favourite elements of dance, and after many years playing with a camera as a teen, I started my own photography business after university. I love storytelling and have used various art forms over the years to portray my visions.