When I choreograph Kisarhi routines, I think first and foremost about you. It doesn't matter what level of fitness you're at, how daggy you look when you dance, or how much time you have. ANYONE has time for a 5 minute groove ;) Kisarhi workouts are for everyone, because moving your body and feeling good is for everyone.

Passionate about getting our bodies moving, I've created a collection of bite-sized fitness workouts, designed with the modern babe in mind. I wanted to create dance-inspired workout videos that made it SUPER EASY to get your body moving. More importantly, it had to be done in a way which was both TIME EFFICIENT and FUN. Because who has time these days to dedicate hours sweating away at the gym?


Summer Glow | Workout Series

yeah, but are you qualified?

I've coached dancers of all ages and abilities, and developed training and education programs for private studios, one-on-one coaching for semi-professionals, and curriculum-approved study for high school students.

I have extensive experience in fitting dance and pointe shoes and have given advice to many ballerinas (and their parents!) regarding shoes, technique and career progression.

Along the way, I've also become quite proficient with a DSLR. I've photographed everything from newborn babes to funerals, budding ballerinas to professional high fashion models.

My life has been dedicated to exploring all the gifts that dance and the arts has to offer. And the greatest gift of all is presenting dance to you. 

Actually yes! Unlike a lot of self-proclaimed health 'gurus' who seem to have taken over the interwebs, I have studied and practiced my craft for many years and have the papers to back it up. I myself have been swept up in the hype and trends of social media before and don't want to see you be caught up by it either. I will never give advice or recommendations on anything that I am not qualified to dish out.

With that in mind, alongside my intensive dance training (15+ years), I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance and Post-Graduate Diploma in Education. I've taken classes in almost all styles of dance known to man and know Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz and Tap like the back of my hand. I have a thorough understanding of dance history, anatomy and critical analysis through my university and extra-curricular studies.