TDS 09: Is There Such Thing as a 'Ballet Body' in 2019?


Hello and welcome to Episode 9 of The Dancer's Sidekick, a podcast for smart dancers. I'm Kimberley, your dance sidekick, mentor & virtual dance bestie. I'm here to give guidance, support and advice, as you navigate the world of dance.

In today's episode, I'm diving into a topic I've long thought about. Definitely in my dance days, it was talked about in a rather concerning way. I'm going to attempt to tackle the topic of bodies. Is there such a thing as a ballet body in 2019? Remember, this show is about total transparency. I want to open up the conversation - especially when it comes to topics like these. It's important we talk about it! The more we talk about it, the more we can question the status quo and help to make positive changes in the industry.

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