TDS 06: 3 Steps To Achieving Your New Year Goals


Hello and welcome to Episode 6 of The Dancer's Sidekick, a podcast for smart dancers. I'm Kimberley, your dance sidekick, mentor & virtual dance bestie. I'm here to give guidance, support and advice, as you navigate the world of dance.

Let me start by saying - Happy New Year and welcome back to the pod! I hope you had a restful Holiday break! I spent Christmas in Vegas with my family, who travelled from Australia to be with my partner and I. if there's anything that living abroad teaches you, it is to enjoy and cherish every moment with your loved ones.

To kick off the first episode for 2019, I'm sharing 3 steps to achieving your biggest dance goals and dreams. Because I want you to see success and become the awesome dancer you know deep down you can be.

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