3. Leaving School To Dance Full Time

Hello dance friends! Today's episode is a little insight into my experience leaving high school for full time dance training. I wanted to share my story to provide some perspective on this much talked about topic in the dance community! During this conversation, I also provide some potential pros and cons to committing to full time dance, plus my advice for those contemplating their options. Remember, no two stories are the same but the more you know about topics such as this one, the more informed you can be to make the right decision for yourself!

episode overview

  • Episode introduction & my week
  • My full time dance story & experience
  • The pros (talent & potential, opportunity)
  • The cons (age, maturity (mental & emotional), education, social, financial)
  • My advice (my personal stance, and advice if you are seriously considering it)
  • Dance tip of the week

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