1. Let's Chat All Things Dance

And I mean ALL OF THE THINGS. Nothing is off limits! Welcome to Dance Chat with Kisarhi.
I've been an avid listener of podcasts for many years. I love them. In my search to find a dance-related podcast, I've been much disappointed. So, I thought why not take matters into my own hands?! Here is the podcast for the dancers of the world. Consider me your virtual dance bestie. What should you expect? A bit of advice, some personal stories, plenty of discussion on topics from dancer wellbeing, to finances, to injuries and mindset, and A LOT of babble. Sorry, but when I start to talk, it seems rather difficult to stop. This is rather surprising coming from being 'the shy kid'. See, I'm doing it again now - in written form. Babbling. Get used to it honey! 

P.S. Sorry for the slightly unbalanced volume levels, I'm new to audio and learning how to get the clearest sound for your listening pleasure! Next episode should be a little clearer :)


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