It's not often you cross paths with a soul as beautiful as this one. Even from our initial contact, Sophie was a spark of energy and excitement. It makes my work effortless when I work with people who are equally as passionate. I've met some inspiring people throughout my journey, and Sophie was no exception.

We met Sophie at her picturesque home, tucked quietly amongst tall trees. A home can tell a lot about the people who reside there, and Sophie's family abode is filled with character and charm; gorgeous artwork and  sentimental trinkets  at every turn.  We photographed in and around the home, taking advantage of the pretty scenery.

When we arrived at the beach just down the road from her home, she beamed with joy. Sophie had told us previously that she was happiest by the sea, so I was delighted to be able to capture her in her element. Sophie is a goddess here; her passion and sense of adventure radiating from within.

My favourite part about this project is working with Becky to capture the essence of our models. I'm wanting to capture something real and authentic. We strip back the mask to see the beauty within. Sophie is one of those divine creatures who isn't afraid to let her true self shine through. She is  adventurous and spontaneous, creative and compassionate, and I am delighted to have captured Sophie's spirit to share with the world.

Model: Sophie Taylor (Tamblyns) // Stylist: Rebecca Hughes

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