I was delighted when Esther first contacted me to arrange a shoot. I feel grateful that my work is slowly getting noticed, and that people within the fashion and dance industries are beginning to see the value in my work. I'm blessed to be able to do what I love (even if it is on a casual/part-time basis at the moment!).

Esther is a natural beauty, the grace of her dancing days evident in her movement. We chase the morning sunlight, eager to stay away from the icy wind that remind us that winter is on it's way. We wander the streets in search of quirky backdrops while talking fashion, dancing and life in general.  When we stumble across an interesting location, we stop and shoot. My mind races with ideas, and Esther applies them to our shoot. We play in empty housing lots and against glittering walls. Esther, you are a shining star and I have no doubt you will see success with whatever path you choose.

MODEL: Esther Morrisby @ Tamblyns
MAKEUP ARTIST: Megan Joy Francis