I'm Kisarhi -
a video maker,
a sometimes photographer,
a dancer and coach,

an avid stretcher,
a wannabe boulderer,

an aussie girl exploring the world with her beloved,
and your online fitness friend.



Test shoot with my partner to capture my freshly-blondified hair.

I love all things creativity and fashion is my favourite way to channel that passion. I've spent a few years behind the lens as a hobbyist fashion photographer and in this time accumulated a wealth of knowledge about the industry and what it takes to be a part of it.  The magic that comes with creating artwork with a team of like-minded people is something I have been blessed to experience and is what I seek now in my new role in front of the camera. I've long had a desire to channel my energy into performing (I grew up aspiring to be a ballerina) and modelling feels like the perfect way to do so. I look forward to mastering the art of photographic modelling and working with some really wonderful people in the process.