Digital Marketing

In today’s ever-changing digital landscape, it is more important than ever to have a strong and cohesive online presence. A brand’s digital footprint can make or break a business.

My work in digital marketing is a culmination of my strengths as visual artist and storyteller. I collaborate with individuals and companies to create holistic and immersive experiences for the end-user. I believe the combination of social media, content creation and an effective website, is the most powerful way a brand can share their business and passions with the world. This in turn generates buzz, awareness and exposure to new audiences at a much faster rate (and with more tangible results) than traditional media ever could.

Full Digital Marketing packages, consultation, and on-going management services are available for individuals and businesses.
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Portfolio Highlight: Instagram Management & Growth


@ainsliewear Instagram

I began Social Media Management for AinslieWear’s Instagram account in June 2018.

Over a 6 month period, the account saw a follower increase of X, from X to X total followers.
This is X% growth compared to the previous 6 month period.

Portfolio Highlight: YouTube Channel


AinslieWear YouTube Channel

Digital Marketing:

Social Media

2-3 sentences.

social media curation and management

curating/designing the feed, scheduling posts, writing captions, following and setting trends.

managing social feeds communities, interactions, positive interactions between brands and their fans.

Ambassadors & Community Interaction
Ambassador and influencer programs, instagram contests and encouraging positive interactions between brands and their fans.


Digital Marketing:

Website Design

2-3 sentences about my experience as a visual designer. I don’t manipulate code, I take templates and adjust the visuals to make it the best user experience possible… and make your work look as good as it can! I use the incredible tools we have - the experts and best of the best at their job, and apply my ‘Kisarhi’ flair to the visuals and display. I’m not going to try re-inventing the wheel. But by using the innovative platforms of Squarespace, the power is put back in your hands to make edits on the fly. I’m the visual gal, here to make sure your changes in copy, new product launches, and blog posts always look beautiful.

User Interface (UI) Design, User Experience (UX) Design, eCommerce Management, Consultation and Advice.


Digital Marketing:

Content Creation

2-3 sentences about my experience as a visual designer. Social Media Management, Email Campaigns, Blog Posts, Annual & Seasonal Collection Launches, Video and Photography.