Digital Marketing

In today’s ever-changing digital landscape, it is more important than ever to have a strong and cohesive online presence. A brand’s digital footprint can make or break a business.

My work in digital marketing is a culmination of my strengths as visual artist and storyteller. I collaborate with individuals and companies to create holistic and immersive experiences for the end-user. I believe the combination of social media, content creation and an effective website, is the most powerful way a brand can share their business and passions with the world. This in turn generates buzz, awareness and exposure to new audiences at a much faster rate (and with more tangible results) than traditional media ever could.

Full Digital Marketing packages, consultation, and on-going management services are available for individuals and businesses.

Areas of specialty: Dance, Fashion, Solo and Small Creative Businesses.

Portfolio Highlight: Instagram Management & Growth


@ainsliewear Instagram

I began Social Media Management for AinslieWear’s Instagram account in June 2018.

Over a 6 month period, the account saw an increase of 2,868 followers, from 10,998 to 13,866 total followers. @ainsliewear achieved a 130% growth rate when considering the prior 6 months. This is an increase of 34% in overall follower growth compared to December 2017.

This success was organic (no bots here!), by implementing a more sophisticated social media strategy, improving visual curation of the feed, and developing stronger content and more engaging posts.

Portfolio Highlight: YouTube Channel


AinslieWear YouTube Channel

Video can be a powerful way to showcase your brand to prospective customers.

Having run my own YouTube channel for some time, I was delighted to create something special for AinslieWear. Dance is movement and as a dancewear brand, video seemed like the perfect fit for AinslieWear.

I launched AinslieWear’s YouTube channel in early 2017 to better showcase their beautiful products and the people behind them. Videos featuring collaborations with aspiring and professional dancers, collection sneak peeks, and photo shoot behind the scenes, have assisted in sharing the AinslieWear brand with a wider audience.

Digital Marketing:

Social Media

Curating the feed and new content, scheduling posts, writing captions, following and setting trends.

Managing social feeds and communities, monitoring and responding to interactions via comments and direct messages.

Ambassadors & Community Interaction
Ambassador and influencer programs, instagram contests and encouraging positive interactions between brands and their fans.


Digital Marketing:

Website Design

I’m a bit of a website geek. As soon as my family had dial-up installed (remember those days?!), I fell in love with the internet and the possibilities of website design. The creative freedom that comes with having your own slice of the web remains one of my favourite things. Like I said, I’m a geek.

Tinkering with websites has been a long-term hobby of mine. At age 15, I taught myself the basics of HTML and CSS coding, and made my own pixel art websites. The internet has (thankfully) evolved from this time, and we are now blessed with DIY website builders. No coding required!

Squarespace is now my website template of choice. I liken myself to that of a visual designer. Rather than manipulating code and attempting to re-invent the wheel, I take templates and adjust the visuals to make it the best user experience possible… while making your work look (even more) beautiful!

Put it this way - I use the incredible tools we have available to us (such as the professional designs on offer at Squarespace), and apply my ‘Kisarhi’ flair to the visuals and display.

By using the innovative platforms such as Squarespace, Format and Shopify, the power is put back in your hands to make edits on the fly. Gone are the days where you need to contact the external web team to change a product price or update contact information - and pay a small fortune for the service!

I’m here to make your template website really shine. I’ll make sure your changes in copy, new product launches, and blog posts always look beautiful.

User Interface (UI) Design, User Experience (UX) Design,
eCommerce Management, Consultation and Advice.



E-Commerce & Brand Website

User Experience (UX) Design
Navigation and Home Page curation
Graphic Design

Informational pages
Product pages
Blog Posts

Management of store
New product launches
Discontinuing products
Monitoring inventory levels
Customer notifications
Sales reports

Wordpress platform.
Woo-Commerce plugin.
UI design by Twirling Umbrellas.




Personal Blog

User Interface (UI) & UX Design
Visual Design
Customised Layout

Content Creation
Blog Posts

Squarespace platform.

Digital Marketing:

Content Creation

Specialised Content Creation across digital platforms:
Email Campaigns, Blog Posts, Copywriting,
Social Media (posts and stories), Video and Photography.