How to Find More Time in Your Day

How often do we wish there was more time in the day? I myself am guilty of 'running out of time' to complete a task, or using time as an excuse to not show up in my relationships. For two years I hid behind my photography pursuits as a flimsy reason for not committing to regular exercise, neglecting social invitations and ignoring my desperate need for rest and self-love.

Herein lies the problem. It's nothing to do with time and all to do with our perception. You see, it's not about finding the time. Nor is it about making the time. It's about making your desire a priority. When you prioritise, you get it done.

Isn't it fascinating that we don't have time for exercise, for seeing a friend, or for doing that errand, yet we always seem to have time for social media. Imagine what you could be doing with all those hours spent scrolling through Facebook or liking other people's Instagram pictures. This isn't to say that being online is bad or wrong; it's totally fine. We simply place more importance on social media than we do living our own lives. 

Want to find more time in your day? Shift your priorities. When you make something a priority, you won't let it slip by the way. When you place greater importance on the elements of life that mean the most to you, these things will grow. And it will take no time at all.

with love,