How to Start Stretching Everyday

So you've heard about the benefits and have a pretty good understanding of all the awesome things stretching can do to add value to your life. You've decided to give stretching a go... but how do you actually start stretching and add it into your daily life? If you've never stretched before, how are you supposed to start?

Here are my tips to get you started!

make it a part of your day

Before you even consider stretching, you need to give yourself a window of time everyday where you know you can commit 100% to showing up and focusing on you. Pick a 10-15 minute time slot during your day that you can dedicate to stretching. My advice - do it first thing in the morning or after a workout or just before bed. Selecting one of these times will allow the habit to settle in easier, as it is tied to other daily tasks - such as your wake up routine, settling down for bed time, or relaxing your body and muscles after exercise (which you need to be doing!). Once you've selected the time of day you'll be committing to stretching, put the allotted time into your daily schedule/calendar/planner (if you use one) or set a reminder on your phone so you don't forget to do it!

come up with a plan

Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. Before you start stretching, come up with a game plan. You want to figure out what areas of flexibility you want to improve and choose what specific stretches are going to help you increase and improve mobility in these areas. Develop a combination of stretches that you will do every day. Of course, this stretch routine can change over time as your needs change. Write down your plan so you don't forget what individual stretches you've decided to focus on.

make stretching a positive experience

I make stretching 'me time', where I can relax and unwind for a few minutes. You want to make stretching (and working out in general) something enjoyable, to reinforce the habit. Positive reinforcement as opposed to dread and despair! Make stretching a positive experience and something you look forward to each day! As mentioned earlier, by tying stretching in with one of your other daily habits - for example, getting ready for bed - you can make it easier to create a positive relationship with stretching. As you settle down for bed time, you can create the mindset that stretching is an opportunity for you to release the stress and tension from your body after a long day, and enjoy a few moments of solitude before bed. You may even find you sleep easier!

do it everyday

For stretching to be most effective, I honestly believe it needs to be done every day. Check out my last video on why you should be stretching every day for more on this topic! Repeat your stretch routine every day at the same time to make it a habit. Make stretching a non-negotiable. You can even use an app or calendar to track your streak - see how many days in a row you can keep the daily habit of stretching for!

By following these 4 simple steps, you can fall into a daily stretching routine of your own in no time. It's really easy and can actually be fun and relaxing if you allow it to be! Please let me know how you get on with your stretching routine and if you're keen to see more stretch how to videos, subscribe to my channel!

happy stretching!