What Is The Right Age For Pointe?

Am I Too Young for Pointe? This is probably one of the most common questions I'm asked during pointe shoe fittings. 'Is my daughter too young to start pointe work?' 'What are the risks if she starts too soon?' 'What is the right age to start pointe?'

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Why I Love Stretching

Stretching and maintaining flexibility in my muscles is a big part of my daily fitness routine. However, I've noticed that stretching is an area of wellbeing that is little thought about and easily neglected amongst gym-obsessed and sedentary people alike.

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Breaking In Pointe Shoes

New to pointe or wishing to learn a little more about the often confusing world of ballet? You've come to the right place! Breaking in pointe shoes can be frustrating, especially when it is your first time en pointe.

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