Kisarhi workouts are designed with your health and safety as top priority. Routines are choreographed in a way which allows your body to appropriately warm up before upping the intensity.

Although the utmost care and consideration has gone into the design of each and every workout to allow bodies of all kinds to excel, it is impossible for me to know your body perfectly. You know your body and limitations better than anyone else, therefore you need to take responsibility for your own health and safety. Do not attempt anything you are unsure of.


before you start

It is essential that you watch my 'How Kisarhi Works' video before commencing any of the fitness routines. As described in the introductory video, the 3 steps of fitness have been designed to allow optimal safety and performance, so I strongly recommend you start any workout session with a SWEAT video first. Trust me, your body will thank you! ;)


safety first!

Your safety is of utmost importance, so it's super crucial you consider the following -


  •  where possible, select a surface that is not slippery or too hard
    (avoid tiled and polished floors if you can!)
  • it is highly recommended that you perform kisarhi workouts on a yoga mat
    (you can use a towel if you don't have a mat!)
  • ensure you have plenty of space around you so that you don't accidentally swing a limb into a hard object!
    (extend your arms and spin on the spot to be super sure you aren't going to hit anything)


  • wear clothing that you feel comfortable in, so long as it's not too long or loose
    (you don't want to trip on the ends of your baggy pyjama pants ;)
  • don't wear any dangly earrings or jewellery during your workout, just incase it catches onto your hair or clothing
  • if you own them, wear ballet shoes or soft shoes with a suede bottom
    (otherwise, barefoot works just fine)


  • as mentioned above, always start kisarhi workouts with a SWEAT routine first (allowing your body to warm-up gradually in a safe manner) before attempting a TONE or STRETCH routine
  • have a water bottle on hand!
  • pause the workout at any time you feel you need a rest or a drink of water
  • if at any point you feel any physical pain or abnormality, cease your workout and sit down. see a doctor immediately if the pain does not subside.
  • it is highly encouraged to finish your fitness routine with a light stretch - either self-conducted or by following a STRETCH video
    (this is to allow your muscles to relax and your body to cool down at a gradual rate)


medical supervision

Before taking up a new fitness routine, it is always encouraged that you seek health and medical advice from a healthcare professional. This is to ensure that you are physically and mentally ready and able to attempt exercise without causing potential harm to your body. This is especially important for those who are less physically active and/or have not done this style of workout before.