2-3 very brief sentences about my design experience.

A creative visionary, Kimberley utilises fashion to portray concepts with depth and style.


Graphic Design

Branding and Logo Design, Magazine and Catalogue Design, Social Media Graphics, Fabric Design, Posters, Promotional Material, Company Notes and Announcements, Email Campaigns, Blog Posts.


Content Creation

Social Media Management, Email Campaigns, Blog Posts, Annual & Seasonal Collection Launches, Video and Photography.


Website Design

User Interface (UI) Design, User Experience (UX) Design, eCommerce Management, Consultation and Advice.

Graphic Design

Layout Design: Magazines, Editorials, Catalogues & Flyers

Fashion/Product: Printed Fabric, Size Grading, Woven Labels, Hang Tags

Promotional Material: Advertisements, Posters, Cards, Stickers, Company Notes

Graphics: Logo Alteration, Social Media, Blog, Website, Email Campaigns


Layout & Editorial Design

Catalogue/Flyer Design

Editorial Layout Design

Magazine Layout Design

Fashion/Product Graphic Design


Graphics & Promotional Material


 Content Creation

Portfolio Highlight: Instagram Management & Growth

Portfolio Highlight: YouTube Channel


Content Creation Work