A creative visionary, Kimberley utilises fashion to portray concepts with depth and style. Kimberley's role, from seed to full fruition, looks a little like this -

  • Conceptualisation and story development
  • Detailed mood boarding inclusive of styling, hair, make up, posing and emotion/acting direction
  • Casting of professional creative team
  • Scheduling and organisation between team over duration of editorial
  • Post-production - colouring and photo edits to enhance the delivery of the concept
  • Submission to publications


Kimberley has worked to produce fashion editorials and personal projects in addition to professional client work (model agencies, fashion labels and magazines), developing polished and dynamic results. Examples of this work is shown below. 

Kimberley currently offers the following creative services -

  • Creative direction for fashion editorial and campaign advertisements
  • Creative concept development
  • Design (website, blog, albums, business cards)
  • Editorial Design (layout/graphic design for magazines)



Editorial / Layout Design for Atlas Magazine


Wedding Album design for private clients


Comp Cards (Email Campaign) for Tamblyn Models