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How to Avoid Festive Weight Gain

How to Avoid Festive Weight Gain

If you're anything like me, you love celebrating over the holiday season but not so much the weight gain that comes with it... However, if you're smart about how you navigate the festivities, then Easter weight gain does not have to be an inevitability!

To celebrate Easter, I'm doing a full week of daily vlogs! I've coined this 'Vlogster'. I know, great name. Kinda like Vlogmas only more fun because it's spring time and there's chocolate eggs involved. ;) Now yes, Easter - it seems every holiday is just an excuse to eat BIG and get our hands on as much chocolate and sugary crap as we can.. And just as quickly as the Christmas and New Year festivities ended, the supermarkets were reminding us that Valentines Day was just around the corner. Then St Patricks Day. And now Easter (although I've seen chocolate eggs and hot cross buns in the stores as early as January!). The companies want to milk every celebration for what it's worth and we happily hand over our money for the goods. Let's be honest for a moment - how many of us start eating Easter eggs weeks before the actual day? ;)

Anyway, I'm going off on a tangent here. The big brand companies very clever marketing tricks is a topic for another day! I'm here today to share with you 3 easy tips to avoid that unwanted Easter weight gain. Let's face it, when we're stuffing our faces with calorically-dense food 'products' which are often devoid of any proper nutrients for our bodies, there is really no surprise that the weight sneaks on around times of celebration. Even if you don't consume copious amounts of sugary treats, chances are you will be catching up with friends and family over a feast of food - and it's easy to eat more than your body needs.

I've already babbled for far too long in this post. I apologise and thank you if you've read through to this point. I really appreciate your attention! :) Check out the accompanying video or if you're short on time, read the 3 tips below!


3 Tips To Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain


1. Change Your Relationship With Food

While food is a big part of the holiday celebrations, it shouldn't be the sole focus. It's totally okay to enjoy some great food with friends and family but know when is the right time to stop.

Have a healthy relationship with food - consume it and enjoy it, but there's no need to continue to eat when you're full. Don't force feed yourself! Your body isn't a garbage bin - don't treat yourself like a waste disposal!

Eat what you NEED, nothing more. When it comes to chocolate and other seasonal treats, try eating less of it. Not only is it better for your waistline, but having less of it will allow you to really enjoy the taste and flavours of what you do eat. Eating too much of something takes away the pleasure of experiencing the taste after a while!


2. Stay Well Hydrated

A well known and widely spoken about fact - hunger can often be dehydration in disguise. Particularly during special occasions and festive celebrations, it's easy to forget to to drink water. We're busy socialising and enjoying the day (and perhaps sipping on other types of beverages!), so it's pretty understandable that water isn't the first thing on our minds.

Have plenty of water throughout the day and a big glass before each meal. This will help you read your hunger queues and make it far easier to decipher what is genuine hunger versus dehydration. Staying well hydrated will help allow you to make smarter food choices and know when is the right time to stop eating.


3. Move Your Body

If you can find the time at the beginning of your day - before your festive celebrations commence - for a quick workout, you will be in a far better position to be able to process the higher-calorie food coming your way. Working up a good sweat is putting your body in an optimal fat-burning state, which means in the hours following your work out, your body will be looking to replenish the energy it burned at the gym. Make the most of your physiology and use your metabolism to your advantage!

relax and enjoy the celebration!

And If You Do Overindulge...

Don't fret! It's not the end of the world. It's a couple of days and in the grander scheme of things, a few days of heavier eating is not of major detriment to your health. If you eat well for 99% of the year, having a few days off here and there is not going to do your body harm. In fact, it may even do you some good. Just be sure you relax and enjoy the occasion for what it is and do not feel guilt or shame for any of it.

Whether or not you celebrate Easter, I hope you have a great weekend! Have fun and enjoy every moment and head into next week ready and raring to go!

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