She is a sylph; a spirit of the air. She is invisible, but for a moment her reflection is caught by the mirror. She is seen dancing atop her toes, articulating petit arabesques and tendus. She is graceful and dainty and so beautiful. Her movements are as delicate as she is. She seems so real, but in a second she is gone. She is one with the air, gliding around us and filling our hearts with a strange warmth. The sylph is nothing but mythology - a beautiful ghost - but for a moment, she is one with us.

MODEL: Lanah Heron @ Dallys
MAKEUP ARTIST: Emma McCarthy @ The Cruelty Free Makeup Artist
HAIR STYLIST: Chantelle Nydal
CLOTHING: Venice and Me, Fabled and True, Wear Moi

Featured in Like a Lion Magazine February 2014 Book 1.