A short portrait film, capturing the playful exuberance of youth.

'Golden' is the result of my first test shoot with video. I had a simple idea in mind, to paint the picture of a curious and delightful spirit and my model Laura embodied this perfectly. I enjoy the possibilities of film, particularly because it bears many similarities to my time as a dancer. Both require close attention to detail and focus on movement as a way to express an idea. 

I'm excited to explore video production further. I've been watching a number of vlogs and love the greater level of depth that can be captured by film. I will always adore photography but video allows the viewer to feel as if they are there with you. The audience can be far more immersed in the experience and can establish a connection to the situation (the people, the conversation and the emotions) where photos and words on their own are limited. 

I'm looking forward to investing in a more compact camera specifically for filming day-to-day life stuff, but for now will be using my giant DSLR and GoPro. Keep an eye out for more video content coming soon!

Direction, Cinematography & Post-Production: Kimberley Hill
Model: Laura Yeap (Busy Models)