Here is the final installment of my dancer portrait series. Thank you to all three dancers who gave up time in their very busy schedules to try out all sorts of dance moves for me!

As I look forward, I hope to continue my journey as a dance photographer. Dance has helped to shape the person I have become today. Not a day goes by where I don't point my toes, or execute a random tap combination. I feel that same excited energy that I used to when I was performing on stage, now when I photograph. Photographing dancers allows me to stay connected to the art form in the best way possible - by capturing talented people do what they love. 

So, if you're ever in need of a dance photographer (who understands dance and movement, knows the vocabulary, and can demonstrate the poses), please get in touch <3

Tayla currently dances with Sunshine Coast Conservatory of Dance, where she trains in all styles of dance. She is also a dancer with Brisbane City Youth Ballet and has featured in their recent production of 'The Snow Queen'. Tayla is a very focused and passionate dancer, working hard towards her ambition of becoming a professional ballerina.