I'm so delighted to share with you part two of my dancer portrait series. I've been quite inspired by these young ladies, to see their passion oozing with each movement - and having the honour of capturing this moment in time. 

To support my growing photography business, I also work at Bloch Dancewear. It is in my position as Assistant Manager, where I have the delight of meeting and working with dancers of all ages and experiences. By far one of my favourite parts of the job is fitting girls (and boys!) for pointe shoes; I feel fantastic knowing that I've helped to make a difference in a young dancer's journey. Occasionally, I'm lucky enough to fit professionals too (a couple of weeks ago, I fit an American Ballet Theatre dancer for pointe shoes while they were in Brisbane on tour!). I've met so many talented and passionate people working at Bloch, and am excited knowing that the industry in Brisbane is growing in leaps and bounds.


Lucy currently dances at Danzart Studio, and has also begun modelling, currently represented by Vivien's in Brisbane. Here is Lucy's love for dance, in her own words -
"I have always loved dancing since I started when I was two. I enjoy every second I am in the studio practicing, or performing on stage. I believe that is where I am meant to be. I am not sure where I will be in the future, but I know that I will pursue what I truly love. I plan to continue dancing for many years to come as it is a way for me to express myself, a way to let myself free and it is a great way to exercise while having fun! Dancing is part of who I am. It is part of my identity."