My parter and I have been living overseas for 18 months. As much as we love Australia, we've come to love Canada even more. In fact, we love it so much that we are currently in the process of applying for Permanent Residency here. We've been gathering all the necessary documents for a number of months now and in the last few weeks have been submitting the final stages of our application. It's an exhausting process but we're very excited to have it almost complete! Then, we play the waiting game until we are hopefully approved to live in Canada permanently!

I wanted to create a dance piece that reflected us finding home here in Canada. This film is a little nod to our PR process, of feeling like we really are where we belong by living in this country.

'Home' portrays the feeling of finding where you belong or who you belong with, and the overwhelming sense of comfort and bliss that comes with it.


Kimberley Hill (Kisarhi)

Choreography, Direction & Filming, Post-Production
Kimberley Hill (Kisarhi)
Aaron (Camera Assistant)