Heart Strings

Creating dance films is something that is bringing me so much joy. I find it challenging to articulate exactly how this kind of work makes me feel. Everything just feels 'right' when I'm crafting a story and making it come to life with dance and video. My life's work has lead me to making these. I grew up dancing and nothing could compare to that full-hearted feeling when I was performing on stage. In later years, the closest thing that has brought me back to that feeling of passion has been fashion photography. Yet it was never quite the same.

I had ideas to record dance as video years ago. But it stayed as that. Just a little idea, in the back of my mind. I had such a clear vision of how I wanted it to look, but I was yet to embark on my fashion photography journey. It wasn't the right time for me yet.
When I started dabbling with video last year, my seed of an idea for dance films hadn't quite blossomed yet. At the turn of the new year, I decided to start my own YouTube channel, initially as a place to create dance workouts (an outlet to express my interest in health and fitness). Throughout 2017, the channel has morphed and pivoted. The focus has always been dance, but the content produced has changed dramatically.

As my ideas for my channel grew, so too did that seed of an idea from years gone by. My video skill had improved and the stars aligned in my life for me to commence my heart's calling. I created my first dance film to test my vision and was delighted with the outcome. My second film however, is when the fire was well and truly sparked. This is a place for choreography, dance and video. It is also my new stage to perform. I've found my happy place again. I'm so excited to see where this takes me. That inspired, joyous feeling has returned.

'Heart Strings' portrays the feeling of doing something that brings utmost joy to your heart and soul. The feeling of excitement, adrenaline, happiness and pure bliss. The rush and buzz of doing what your heart calls for you to do.


Britain Daley (True Art Dance Academy)

Choreography, Direction & Filming, Post-Production
Kisarhi (Kimberley Hill)