A change in seasons brings with it the opportunity to reflect, reassess, and let go of the things that are no longer serving us. I love fall. The energy, the crisp air, the vibrant sea of colours. Fall is the ultimate season for letting go. Just in the same way the leaves fall, we too can choose to release the things that are hindering us. This enables us to move forward with greater ease and clarity. It's about letting go, even in moments where it doesn't feel comfortable to do so.

I couldn't let another autumn pass me by without doing something to commemorate the beauty of this season. I'm obsessed with colour and fall really puts on a show! This film is dear to my heart for a number of reasons. It's my favourite work to date. I had a strong vision from the start and worked really hard to see it reach it's full potential. My legend of a boyfriend so kindly followed my direction on shoot day. This guy is quite the artist himself and curated a number of the shots too. We make quite the team! I'm super proud of this dance film and hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it for you.

'Fallen' is about learning to let go, even if you aren't ready to. This film is dedicated to my grandparents Julia and Terry, who have both inspired me with their strength and unconditional love.


Kimberley Hill

Choreography, Direction, Filming & Post-Production
Kimberley Hill (Kisarhi)
Aaron (Assistant)