A funny story about the makings of this film. You see, it wasn't actually supposed to go ahead as soon as it did! This shoot was actually postponed, however due to some miscommunication, the featured dancer Kayla & her Mum had travelled out to the shoot based on the original date and time we had allocated. To cut a long story short, I had 10 minutes to get out the door and run over to the shoot location to meet Kayla! I had a seed of an idea and had selected a couple of options for music, but no further storyline development, choreography, or film direction had taken place! I showed up as unprepared as I could be. This could have been bad. However! I followed my intuition and allowed the location, the colours and weather of the day inspire and guide me. So what you see in this film is creativity and inspiration happening in real-time. No pre-conceived ideas, just intuitive creation and think-on-your-feet improvisation!

'Dusk' is about growing up but not growing old. It's about changing times. New seasons. Day falling into night. The sun setting on a completed chapter and welcoming a new phase. 'Dawn' about evolving but not losing yourself in the process.


Kayla (True Art Dance Academy)

Choreography, Direction & Filming, Post-Production
Kimberley Hill (Kisarhi)