I'm nervous but also excited to have this out in the world. I haven't performed in a long time, but dance is something I've always loved and pouring my heart and soul into each breath of movement will never leave me.

The concept of this film has been brewing in my brain for a long while. I'm deeply inspired by the seasons - particularly since moving to Canada. We don't exactly get much of a change in season in Australia. In Queensland in particular, it's basically summer all year round. So when my partner and I relocated to Vancouver in early 2016, I was awe-inspired with the magic of each season. Fall is called 'fall' for a reason! The leaves really change colours! A cold December and a stereotypical 'white' Christmas! Suddenly everything made sense! Each season is so distinct and it had me reflecting on the parallels that happen within the 'seasons' of our lives.

'Bloom' tells the story that with as the seasons change, so do we. We are the same and yet we are different.
Life is bright and dark and bright again. We grow and evolve as we learn more about ourselves and life around us.


Isla C (Lizbell & Driftwood Dance)
Kisarhi (Kimberley Hill)

Choreography, Direction & Filming, Post-Production
Kisarhi (Kimberley Hill)
Aaron (Camera Assistant)