The Story Behind My Short Films

My short films are an extension of my photographic experience. Ever since first discovering the world of contemporary dance film through my university studies, I have had a strong vision in my mind of how I wanted to tell stories moving forward. The marriage of dance (choreography and performance) and video (directing, cinematography, styling and post-production) come together beautifully as a form of artistic expression. Ultimately, I hope to inspire people through my work, telling stories, sharing ideas and creating heart-to-heart connection.


Choreography   My choreography is typically a fusion of ballet, lyrical and contemporary dance. Choreography is the truest extension of myself; what I feel in a moment is embodied and expressed through my movements. It is me in my most authentic state. By using dance as the voice in my videos, I find I am able to portray stories in a way that is more magical and exciting to watch. 

Performance   By using myself as a dancer, I am able to fully express the concept I had envisioned. I am able to embody the choreography and emotional intent authentically and with greater depth. Incredible local talent also features in my films and I work closely with the dancer on both choreographic and emotional delivery. Understanding the character and interpretation of the concept is more important to me than perfect execution.


Direction   My role as director on short film productions is where I take an initial idea, create the choreography, then design the visuals to complement the piece. I use choreography, music, location, wardrobe and dancer to form layers of symbolism to bring the concept to life.

Cinematography & Post Production   My cinematography can be described in a similar way to that of my photography. My style may be considered elegant and feminine, whilst filming with camera in-hand gives a humble and more intimate feel.
Post-production is an opportunity to enhance colours to the desired mood of the film. It is also like the second phase of choreography, this time designing the sequence of footage to best suit the storyline.