Chasing Dreams


 If you've seen my videos before, you will know that my channel is all about dance. I've danced from the age of 7, trained to a pre-professional level and have two university degrees to my name. What you see here on Kisarhi is my life's work. I want to share as much knowledge as I can, to help make your journey through dance a little easier. This is the stuff I wish I knew when I was a budding ballerina!

Alongside my educational content, I'm beginning to showcase my creative work. Ever since first stepping into a dance studio, I've wanted to perform. Those who love to dance can certainly relate to that feeling of pouring your heart and soul into movement. That's why I love it. And almost as long as I've been dancing, I've been choreographing too. Choreography is something that comes very easily to me. Creating dances feels like an extension of who I am - I don't overthink, I just do what feels right based on the music and story I'm aiming to tell.

It is with this in mind, that I've begun creating short dance films, as an opportunity to perfect my craft of performing, choreography and storytelling. It's all my favourite things, put into one! Perhaps one of the most exciting things for me personally, is the chance to perform. I haven't exactly followed the traditional path of a dancer. I'll never be in a ballet company or reach the technical proficiency that is typical of a dancer. But to me, that doesn't matter. Performing is more than just perfect technique. So, with that said, I'm so thrilled to create a platform for myself to do the thing I've long dreamed of doing. I'm fulfilling my lifelong dream of being a dancer. It's not exactly how I had imagined it to be and I'm not nearly as strong and flexible as I used to be. But if anything, the way this has all taken shape is kinda perfect in it's own imperfect way.

I'm making my own path. Doing it my own way. On Sunday, I took a huge leap of faith and (with the help of my partner) filmed myself dancing for a short film. The film should be up on my channel next week, but for now, enjoy some behind-the-scenes footage and bloopers!

Thanks for supporting me via YouTube and for joining me in the adventures. Here's to following your passion, staying true to your vision, and not letting anyone stop you from pursuing your biggest dreams.