Finding Where I Belong

Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation. This quote has proven itself to be quite the truth bomb when it comes to my creative career pursuits. Life has a funny way of working out. I've spent much of my existence trying to figure it all out. How best to channel my passions. How to show up in the world. How to do ALL of the things. When I surrender myself to the moment and simply follow my intuition, things tend to work out. For those who know me, or follow my work online, will know that I've dabbled in many things. I'm a photographer. A dancer. I've always loved design and art and fashion and am deeply inspired by people and their stories. I have many years of education, management and customer service experience, including thorough knowledge of dance brands and products, shoes and pointe shoes. This year, I've added a few extra strings to my bow, with video creation, directing and choreography. I have ideas pouring out of my brain and not enough time to pursue them all. I'm creative and proud of it.

I've done a whole lotta soul-searching to figure out what the heck to do with all this. How do I make something of this? Do I keep making pretty dance films and hope that I can one day monetize? Do I educate dancers? Sometimes - in fact, more often than not - we have to let go of the questions and just listen to what feels right. Earlier this year, I reached out to an international dancewear brand (who happens to be based in Vancouver), seeking a job. Any job. I was happy to take whatever was available. I resonated with the company's vision and felt connected to the brand. I wanted to be there to learn and offer my skills in whatever way I could. I knew in my heart that by working with this company, that I could position myself for future opportunities. I just had to get a foot in the door.

Well lo and behold, I did get a job with the company. I started in the quality control & shipping department. Not exactly the most glamorous of titles, but I enjoyed it none the less. To see the inner workings of a growing, successful company was more than I ever could have hoped for. Business has always fascinated me and I was learning so much about how to do business right by being here. You know what I said about success = opportunity + preparation? After only a few months in my new role, one of those future opportunities that I instinctively positioned myself for, came along. And I was ready for it.

I could never have planned for this to happen when I began embarking on all the pursuits that I have. I worked consistently, educated myself, and stayed closely aligned with my passion from day dot. I was putting in the preparation and hard work, without even knowing what exactly it could all be used for. Although I didn't know exactly what would come of it, I trusted that my knowledge and ideas would fit somewhere. Now that an opportunity has come along, I can hit the ground running.

I've just made it through my first week in my newly promoted role of customer service and marketing coordinator. Marketing! Of course! What better place to let my creative skill set run wild! And with a dancewear brand no less. I've finally found where I belong. And I couldn't be more excited to see where this role may take me and what awesome opportunities are yet to come.


Photos by me for AinslieWear