Kisarhi first launched as a YouTube channel in 2017. 

I commenced the New Year with one goal in mind - to release 1 new video every week. Although I've pivoted my channel focus a number of times thus far, one thing has remained constant - sharing dance to the world. Creating videos every week has allowed me to hone in on what I want to do with my channel, content creation, and business as a whole moving forward.

Kisarhi is a conglomerate of all my creative work and pursuits. I've never felt quite at home with committing to one individual area of creativity.
I have expertise in many different genres of visual and performing arts and Kisarhi is my way of showcasing this to the world.


the 'kisarhi' name

Kisarhi is a fusion of my full name (Kimberley-Sarah-Hill) and quite honestly, I think my name looks way cooler chopped up and blended together! This name symbolises my collective of creative work - my dance choreography and videos, short films, photography, creative direction and more.