I'm Kimberley,
an Aussie dancer & artist
telling stories and making magic in Vancouver, Canada.


My first performance was abysmal. I was 7 years old, very small in stature with an even smaller voice. My class and I were performing a number of dinosaur-themed songs at the local shopping mall. This was the day I found out that I was massively stage fright. While the class sung their little hearts out, I froze up, cried, and was carried off stage (I have the photos to prove it). It was dance that allowed me to break the stage fright spell, and I haven't looked back. In fact, my partner will tell you the daily struggle he has of trying to get me to shut up.

Dance: my first & forever love.

I started dancing at 7 and quickly fell in love with the adrenaline and freedom that comes with performing. A shy kid, dance was an outlet for me and a way to express myself. I spent much of my time counting down the days to the next stage performance. Dance competitions allowed me to develop my performance skills, but it was the recitals where I was most at home. Being on stage was where I learned the power of emotion and fully committing to a role. It transformed me as an artist. 

Behind the lens.

Dance, particularly Classical Ballet & Musical Theatre, sparked a passion for storytelling in all its forms. After graduating from university with a BFA in Dance and Graduate Diploma in Education, I was keen to explore the possibilities that creativity and art could offer. I was somewhat of a hobbyist photographer throughout my teenage years, so decided to use my camera to capture the ideas and stories swirling inside my head. I chose fashion photography to channel my creativity, collaborating with talented artists to portray concepts and overarching storylines. My work has been published both online and in print, plus jobs with small businesses through to large-scale companies. Highlights include Vogue Italia, Bloch Dancewear, White Magazine & AinslieWear. More recently, I've use my creative skillset to make short dance films. My varied experiences and inside knowledge of the creative industries as a whole is an added advantage as I embrace what I've always felt compelled to do.


All the feels.

I have natural gift for feeling deeply connected to people's stories. For so long I've fought it and considered it a weakness. Time and life experiences have shown me that this is indeed a gift and can be used to create great things. Being an artist gives me the power to channel this emotion to add greater depth to the stories I tell.
I feel all of the feels, and I am a better creative because of it.

I'm a lifelong storyteller. Through dance & fashion, photography & video, I am blessed with the opportunity to connect with people on a deeper level.

I want to leave people better than I found them and I believe being creative is the most powerful way I can do that.