I want to leave people better than I found them
and I believe creative storytelling through film
is the most powerful way I can do that.

My aim is to inspire the world through dance, fashion and beauty.

My work is multifaceted.
I showcase ideas and stories via film and photography.
I direct marketing for AinslieWear Design - a dancewear label with a vision to make dancers feel good.
I offer mentorship to dancers via digital content - video, podcast, articles - to make navigating the dance industry a little easier.



Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance)
Graduate Diploma in Education
Certified Pointe Shoe Fitter (Bloch)

18 years dance training
4 years pointe shoe fitter
7 years professional photographer

I am Kimberley aka Kisarhi, a creative-thinking, quiet-achieving Aussie gal currently based in Vancouver, Canada.

Growing up an aspiring dancer, I spent almost every waking moment at the dance studio. This love of movement has carried throughout my life to now, where I have the privilege of combining my two greatest passions - creativity and movement - to create something special for you.

the 'Kisarhi' name?

Kisarhi is a fusion of my full name (Kimberley-Sarah-Hill) and quite honestly, I think my name looks way cooler chopped up and blended together!
Kisarhi symbolises my collective of creative work - my dance video content, short films, photography, creative direction and more.