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Dance-Inspired Workouts

workout with kisarhi

All Kisarhi routines use the same 2-3 dance sequences throughout the length of the video. Learn the basic patterns and see how quickly you can remember the sequencing! Kisarhi routines are great for any skill or fitness level and is suitable for all ages. 

Please be sure to read up on the health and safety disclaimer and workout info before starting a workout session. Oh and if you're a regular to YouTube, I'd love for you to consider subscribing to my channel so you are notified when new videos release!

ballet workout series

The Ballet Series workouts are perfect for those babes looking to get fit but have never set foot in a dance studio, as well as those aspiring dancers looking for an extra edge to their technique and training! These ballet-inspired workouts hold a special place in my heart as they are choreographed using some of ballet's best steps to create a stronger, toned and more agile body!

Ballet series workouts focus on targeted strength movements plus deep stretch routines for looser limbs and greater range of mobility.

new workout videos drop every friday, so get ready to squat, sweat and stretch your way to happier days!